Yoga is about the connection between body and mind. It is not only a philosophy, it is also a way of life and exercise method, which is about connecting and balancing all levels of our existence which seem to be opposite (body and mind, outside and inside, tension and relaxation, etc.).


In the life of modern man, the balance between body and mind is often disturbed. Yoga offers us exercises that restore that balance. It makes the body and mind lively and flexible. By means of yoga you learn to listen to your own body. Yoga is about awareness, seeing and feeling who you really are. In your complete humanity, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This ultimately leads to a natural state of being, in which life can be experienced in its wholeness.
In the west, there has been a significant focus on the practice of yoga since the last half of the twentieth century. It usually comes to relaxation exercises from hatha yoga, which are experienced as beneficial in case of tensions, built up by a hectic life.


Yoga offers a solution in three different situations:


In each yoga class, multiple yoga poses (asanas) are performed. All poses have the goal of improving the functioning of organs, glands, joints, nervous system, blood vessels, balance, etc. During the yoga poses, one elongates, stretches and strains all kinds of muscles. The poses ensure an improved blood circulation throughout the body. The yoga poses and breathing and relaxation exercises work together in yoga to consciously and deeply relax.


Yoga has a profound impact on the energy system and nervous system. The body is given the opportunity to relax, recover and recharge. Yoga will not only make someone feel physically fitter, but it can also give a person mentally and emotionally more energy and space. The result of a yoga class is the ability to feel deeply relaxed.