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Trigger point therapy is a combination of treatment techniques for chronic, unexplained pain. Trigger points are painful muscle knots. These trigger points appear to be the most common immediate cause of pain in the body. Trigger points are often located at a different place than where the symptoms are.


Trigger points are local cramps in muscles, where due to a lack of blood flow and oxygen, an oversensitive spot arises. From the outside, these muscle knots are felt as painful hard lumps or skeins. When considerable pressure is applied here, it can generate radiating pain in a different part of the body. Trigger points can arise in all muscles in the body and always at fixed places. Namely there where the nervous system transfers information onto the muscle. The cause is often overload or a trauma (for example, surgery or accident), but also lack of exercise, stress or poor diet can lead to the development of trigger points.


Trigger points cause headaches, pain in neck and jaw, lower back pain, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. They are the source of pain in joints, such as the shoulder, wrist, hip, knee and ankle, which is often mistaken for arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis and injuries to the ligaments. Trigger points also cause other symptoms, such as dizziness, earache, sinus infection, nausea, acid reflux, heart rhythm disturbances, pain in the genitals and numbness in hands and feet. RSI symptoms are often caused by trigger points, which have been developed as a result of muscle overuse. Even fibromyalgia may have its origin in trigger points.


Trigger points can be treated in several ways, for example with:


People often experience relief almost immediately. Most symptoms are remedied within 3 to 10 days by trigger point therapy. Chronic symptoms usually require more time and dedication, but there is often a significant improvement within 6 weeks. A permanent absence of symptoms depends on the cause and factors that maintain the trigger points. A lot of attention will be given to this during treatment.




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