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A skin test is an examination, showing whether a person is allergic to certain substances. There are several types of skin test. The kind of test a person gets, depends on the type of allergy that is suspected.


An allergic response is an excessive reaction of the body to a substance that can actually do no harm. Such a substance is called an allergen. Allergens are found in the air, in food products, in medications, in insect venom, but also in skin care products and perfumes. Symptoms associated with an allergic response include hay fever and food allergy. The skin test is a quick way to determine whether there is this type of allergic response.


In a skin test, the allergen is brought on or just under the skin with injections or with special needles. The intention is to trigger an allergic response in the skin after the allergen in question is absorbed in the epidermis. If there is an allergic response, a swelling can be seen on that location with a red spot around, which can also itch.


The following types of skin test can be used:



Skin Allergy Test

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