Neuropathy is a neurological disease that leads to severe chronic pain, which is caused by nerve damage in the arms and legs. The damage creates short circuit and spontaneous impulses in the nerve. An impulse which is normally perceived as slightly painful, is suddenly severe. Neuropathy can be very invalidating.


The damage to the nerves in case of neuropathy may be the result of:


The signs and symptoms of neuropathy are:

These symptoms are most common in hands and feet.


Because there are several conditions underlying neuropathy, the diagnosis also varies from case to case. A doctor may order an MRI or CT scan or other examination in order to find out the cause of the pain.


There are numerous forms of pain treatment for people suffering from chronic pain. Some options are:


The prognosis of neuropathy is highly dependent on the moment when the treatment was started. The sooner the treatment starts, the better the prognosis. Once existing neuropathy recovers slowly and not always completely.