Minerals are inorganic, essential nutrients which are important for the properly functioning of the body. They are also important for good health. They help in the transformation of food into building materials for the body. Most minerals are ingested via food and drinks, but they are also added to dietary supplements.


A varied, healthy diet is important for good mineral supply. However, food is more and more devoid of minerals. This mainly applies to processed products. As a result, proper metabolism is severely hindered.

The following minerals are distinguished:


Minerals originate from the dead nature and must be absorbed by plants from the soil and by animals from food or water. Our body isn’t able to make minerals by itself. To get enough minerals, we are therefore dependent on our diet. Synthetic minerals are substances that are created in a laboratory.


Minerals are essential for good health and normal growth and development. Minerals are, among other things, required in the regulation of enzymes and hormones. A shortage of minerals can lead to numerous physical problems.