Mindfulness is a state of mind that is characterized by the awareness of your own physical experiences, feelings and thoughts, without immediately switching to automatic reactions. In order to work towards mindfulness, people can do training, meditation and other attention practices.


Mindfulness is a method that teaches a person to deal in an acceptable way with everything that presents itself in everyday life. Mindfulness means seeing things as they really are. To do this, we must train: training the attention and training the quality of the attention. It’s about practicing observing, giving attention, non-judging, accepting.


People are starting with mindfulness for a variety of reasons: to experience more peace, to worry less, to better cope with stress, to be able to concentrate better, to become happier, to enjoy more, to work more effectively, to sleep better, to (better) be able to relax.


Mindfulness is a skill that you can practice. For this purpose there is the mindfulness training or attention training which, as demonstrated by frequent scientific research, is proven to be effective.


A mindfulness training can lead to the following results: