Massage is manipulation of the skin by stroking, rubbing, kneading or tapping. It stimulates blood circulation in the tissue and muscles and thus relieves pain. Massage is also very effective to achieve total relaxation of body and mind.


Massage is an ancient form of therapy, which is used in all cultures and in many different forms. It’s a popular method for pain relief and muscle relaxation. After a massage treatment, a person feels better, more relaxed and mentally and physically vital. Massage can thus have a positive effect, both physically and mentally. Solving physical problems also stimulates the self-healing effect of the body.


Giving a massage can be done from different perspectives:


A well executed massage usually includes a combination of stroking, rubbing, pressing, tapping and kneading of the skin. The blood flow can thus be improved and the removal of waste accelerated. There are many types of massages. For example, there is:

The duration of the treatments ranges from 10 minutes to one hour.


Massage is an effective way to improve both mental and physical health. It provides deep relaxation to body and mind and also increases resistance. Thanks to massages, a person will less likely get sick, because of the positive effects on the immune system. Physical diseases caused by stress have less chance. Furthermore, psychological problems, such as anxiety and stress, are reduced or prevented. After a massage, people sometimes feel better about themselves: they are more assertive and learn to know their body and feeling better.