Laser therapy is a simple and safe treatment method with laser light for many diseases. Since this therapy is painless and has no side effects or risks, the method is also very suitable for children.


Laser therapy is treatment with a narrow, non-dispersing light beam of only one wavelength. Because of this focused and constant beam, the laser light retains its power and has the ability to penetrate deep into body tissues and muscles. Because only the area in question is irradiated, the surrounding tissue is not unnecessarily exposed to the radiation. Therefore, laser therapy cannot cause tissue damage.


Laser therapy can treat a variety of disorders:


Laser therapy stimulates the self-healing capability of the body. One of the most important processes that takes place is the increase of the high-energy substance ATP in the body cells. ATP stands for adenosine triphosfate. This substance provides the energy in all cells and also in the muscle cells. This energy substance is necessary for proper functioning of all cells in the body. The more ATP is available in a cell, the more energy a cell has and the greater the recovery.


In addition to controlling pain, laser therapy stimulates recovery and growth of bone tissue, cartilage tissue and tendon and connective tissue. It also ensures the reduction of inflammatory processes and edema, stimulates wound healing and improves blood values.