Laser acupuncture is a form of acupuncture in which people are treated using red laser light instead of needles. It is a modern method where Chinese medicine is applied without needles.


Laser acupuncture is based on the same principles as traditional acupuncture. However, the acupuncture points are not pricked with needles, but optically stimulated with laser light. The big advantage of laser acupuncture is that it is non-invasive, aseptic and completely painless. That makes laser acupuncture suitable for children and babies too. Also people who are very afraid of needles or who simply don’t like to be pricked, prefer laser acupuncture over classical acupuncture. If a person suffers from, for example, blood clotting problems, laser acupuncture is a good solution.


Laser acupuncture can be effective especially in case of stress and pain symptoms. The method is also used in the treatment of depression. Headache seems to respond positively as well.


Laser acupuncture is given by using a laser device. Usually, laser light has a power of 40 milliwatts. That is a thousand times less than a 40-watt light bulb. The laser wires are stuck to the body at acupuncture points using a self-adhesive skin tape and then the light penetrates the body tissue. The amount of milliwatts is so low that no heat is released to the body. This low power is safe for the human body.
During the treatment, the patient wears dark glasses to exclude the minor risk of damage to the eyes from the laser light.


Several scientific studies on laser acupuncture have already been carried out. These studies show that laser acupuncture has different effects, such as: