Homeopathy is an alternative therapy, in which use is made of the self-healing ability of the human being. It is based on the similia principle: a substance that can trigger certain symptoms, is also able to cure those same symptoms. The treatment method is entirely based on the prescription of homeopathic remedies (homeopathics).


Homeopathy is intended to restore the natural balance, both physically and psychologically. If this balance is disturbed, diseases can arise. The homeopath focuses on the whole person. This way, he hopes to find the underlying cause of the problem.
During homeopathic treatment, the patient receives homeopathic remedies with a potentiated working. According to homeopaths, some substances can be harmful in their normal dosage. Homeopathic remedies are therefore diluted. They are also shaken in a special way, so that they retain their powerful, curative effects.


Homeopathy works with many different symptoms. This is because the treatment is focused on strengthening and balancing the self-healing ability. Homeopathy is used in chronic and acute disorders of physical or psychological nature. In principle, all symptoms which are still reversible, can be treated with homeopathy. Diseases in which damage has occurred, which cannot be reversed, can be slowed down or brought to a standstill.


During the initial consultation, the homeopath will discuss the patient's symptoms, state of mind, dietary habits and any details about sleep. The prior health status is discussed. With all this information, the homeopath can form the best possible picture of the patient. This is important for the choice of the homeopathic remedy, because the remedy must fit the symptoms and the personality of the patient.
Homeopathic treatment usually includes multiple consultations. The duration of the treatment is dependent on many factors. Acute symptoms may quickly disappear with good treatment. In case of chronic, prolonged problems, the body needs more time to recover. The symptoms will gradually disappear then.


A homeopathic remedy can have a powerful and lasting impact on a person. There are approximately 3,000 homeopathic remedies. After taking the homeopathic remedy, a so-called ‘initial exacerbation’ can take place. The symptoms seem to get worse for a while, before an improvement occurs. This may take a few hours, sometimes several days. This is normal and is a sign that there is an actual healing process taking place.