Hair analysis is a screening of 21 minerals and toxic metals in the hair. This provides information on possible physical shortages. It is an examination, which is not invasive, relatively low-cost and very accurate.


In people who have symptoms, but where no defects are found, hair analysis can provide an explanation. For example, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHD, ADD, allergies, hair loss, skin diseases, rheumatic diseases and longstanding vague symptoms.


A hair sample contains detailed information on the mineral balance of the last three months, depending on the growth rate of the hair. The detected amount and mutual ratio of the minerals, provide a good indication about the condition of the body. This results in a reliable overview of the degree of stress, the immune system and the activity of the adrenal glands and thyroid, intestinal function, metabolic rate and protein and carbohydrate digestion.


A hair sample is cut close to the scalp and sent to a specialized laboratory. After some time, the result is delivered in the form of a report.