Gait analysis is a systematic examination of the stepping and walking pattern. Physical exercise and muscle activity are observed, measured and analyzed with the aim to improve symptoms caused by walking or running.


A deviation in the gait pattern, due to an illness or accident, may have various causes: lack of joint mobility, spasm, lack of muscle strength, lack of stamina, decreased joint stability, balancing problems, pain, abnormal anatomy, etc. By performing gait analysis, a better diagnosis of foot, knee and/or back problems in runners can be made.


The gait pattern is mapped by means of an (image) analysis of walking or running, with the aid of video recordings. These recordings are analyzed with computer software.


During the examination, a dynamic video analysis of the gait cycle is made, so clearly can be seen what goes well and what goes wrong. By playing back the video in slow motion, it's made visible where something might be improved. On the basis of this analysis, a treatment plan is designed in consultation with the patient, in order to improve walking or running. Optionally, the patient also receives advice on the walking or running style in general. By means of running training, changes in gait, adjustments in the shoe or taking measure for a sole, the symptoms can be remedied.