Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is an alternative treatment, which suggests that each organ has a specific vibrational frequency of electromagnetic nature. This vibration can be disturbed in case of illness or imbalance in the body. According to bioresonance practitioners, this disturbance can be identified and restored with bioresonance devices.


All matter consists of energy and radiates its own energy. This also applies to every body part, organ and cell. But also to viruses, bacteria, pollen, etc. Every substance has its own distinctive character that can be seen in electromagnetic vibrations. The human body (and mind) is a transmitter and receiver of those electromagnetic vibrations. Vibrations spread in space, identical as with sound.
The same applies to vibrations in the human body. Every cell, tissue or organ has its own specific vibration. A healthy part emits harmonic vibrations. In sick people, the vibration pattern is disturbed by vibrations of, for example, bacteria, allergens, fungi or viruses. With bioresonance, the harmonious (healthy) and disharmonious (unhealthy) processes can be visualized and, where needed, restored.


Basically, bioresonance therapy can be applied to diseases, such as:

Both acute and chronic symptoms can be treated. It is safe and also suitable for children.


The electromagnetic signals, which are present in and around the body, can be captured by means of electrodes and connected to a device with a cable. In the device, they are filtered, amplified or converted to negative feedback, and then sent back to the patient, usually via a wire coil in the back of the treatment chair. In the device, the harmonious and disharmonious vibrations are separated by a filter. Harmonious is considered as good for health, disharmonious as harmful. The harmonious vibrations are returned amplified or weakened, the disharmonious vibrations can be sent back electronically reversed.
In the treatment with the bioresonance unit, the proper therapy vibrations are formed from the ultra-fine body signals, which stimulate the positive energies, and convert the pathogenic vibrations to negative feedback.
The number of treatments depend on the main symptom and the duration that the problems already exist.


If we remove the blockages (negative energy) with bioresonance treatment, the body will be able to recover. By stimulating the body and the functioning of the organs, symptoms can disappear or decrease significantly.